Currently Loving: This is My So-Called Life

Piggy-backing onto my earlier post on collaborations is….. a collaboration! As I said, this Friday series is one of my favorites & I love working with other bloggers. If you’re a blogger interested in participating, just shoot me an email!

Kirstin from This is My So Called Life is sharing with us her great style (um, I want her ring collection!) AND a celebrity crush who is not named Channing (there are other boys out there?!).

1. target mint rubber watch| 2. spotted moth duffle bag| 3. style pantry’s maxi skirt| 4. kirstin’s ring collection| 5. steve madden aztec platforms

1. december 1941 by craig shirley| 2. food network star & single ladies | 3. michael ealy| 4. budget bytes

vintage campaign buttons


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2 Responses to Currently Loving: This is My So-Called Life

  1. kgarriss says:

    OMG! I’m just now seeing this! Thanks for the blog love! P.S. Will you all be at DC Fashion Week?

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