Blogging Week: Blogs That Inspire

I think its really important to have a lists of blogs that motivate you to constantly improve & sparks your creativity. So I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I find inspiring, to give you an idea of how I try to take what I love about these blogs & apply it to The Yuppie Files.

Blog Aesthetics:

note to self

I love how simple this blog is while still being eye catching. Its all laid out beautifully, from the clean header to the perfect amount of white space on each inspiration board. Sarah is also very consistent with her look, something I’m aiming more & more for.


aspiring kennedy

Lauren is one of my favorite bloggers & she makes you feel like you are good friends while reading her posts. She has a very clear voice & can infuse her personality into each post. She also incorporates a lot of humor, never taking herself to seriously. That personal touch in the writing is a goal for me this year!


classy girls wear pearls

Sarah has the MOST gorgeous photographs & has brought a unique look to outfit posts. All of her photos look like magazine spreads. I love how beautiful each photo is while still capturing Sarah & her friends’ style. I’m hoping for a big girl camera this Christmas to up the photos on my blog (the iPhone somehow isn’t the same!) & hoping to find my own unique way to photograph my life & style.


chevrons & eclairs

I’m sure I’m not alone in considering Supal a good blogger friend. She takes the same tools we all have & yet is able to use them to form real relationships with fellow bloggers. Her Art to Inspiration series is a great example of successful collaborations (more on that tomorrow) but its her ability to reach out through social media that really inspires me. She welcomes every new blogger to the series on Twitter, comments a lot on other people’s tweets, & uses Facebook to connect all the Art to Inspiration participants. She does this well & does it genuinely. I am not the most consistent in terms of emailing or tweeting other bloggers, so this is another goal for me this year!

Motivational Bloggers:

 breakfast at toast/ the everygirl

design darling/ design darling boutique

Both of these women have gone beyond their blog & launched successful (yet very different) businesses in the past year. If  you’re not familiar with either of them, definitely check them out because both are amazing. The Everygirl is an online forum for women to read amazing articles for advice or inspiration. The Design Darling Boutique is a carefully curated shop of jewelry & home accessories that makes you want to buy everything.

What both Danielle & Mackenzie have done is show how unlimited the blogging community can be. They used their knowledge & talent to create fantastic businesses while continuing to blog & get support. For risk-adverse women like me these two women are great role models for taking your passion to the next level.

How to use your inspiration blogs:

The point of this post is that I am not going to change my blog to look like Note to Self or train myself to take photographs like Classy Girls Wear Pearls. I am going to use these sites as a starting point to look at where I want The Yuppie Files to go. You also love Aspiring Kennedy’s writing? Why? Figure that out & then think how to apply that to your own writing. I love how funny & personal she is. So now I need to make more of an effort to bring my own personality into my writing.

These blogs should spark creativity & make you think how can I improve?

What are some of your favorite inspiration blogs?

*all images from each blogger’s website


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2 Responses to Blogging Week: Blogs That Inspire

  1. Supal says:

    Thank you, thank you for this sweet post! Comments like these enlighten me to give my best in each post for c&é and energize me for A2I. Keep me in the loop about you big girl camera, I got a canon t3i on my birthday, would love to know what you are thinking!

  2. Lauren says:

    Kellie- this made my day! To be totally cheesy, I have to say: you constantly inspire me! Whenever you comment- its thoughtful and honest. I (always) think that I’d like having you around as a friend, because you seem like a good one! Thanks for including me with these other talented bloggers- makes me feel cool!

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