Blogging Week: Favorite Sites

There are so many sites to assist bloggers that its sometimes hard to navigate them all. I wanted to share the websites that I use or find the most helpful, outside of simply reading blogs!

the alt channel

I’ve blogged about Alt before, but these classes are fantastic. At $15 each they are not a huge investment & you learn so much from graphic design to how to work with advertisers.

ifb: business of blogging

The Independent Fashion Bloggers site has great posts on improving any type of blog. These quick articles are extremely useful with very practical & easy to implement advice.

vmac & cheese’s mini alt week

While Victoria was at last year’s Alt Summit, she posted a series that I still refer back to. She asked different bloggers for their advice, with each day being a different theme. These lessons are from real bloggers & makes up some of the best advice I’ve read on blogging!


Bloggers love their inspiration boards (the fancy term for collages) & use all different types of programs. If you don’t want to spend money on any program & want to do fashion inspiration boards, I would suggest using Polyvore. Its free, you can easily search for different looks, & you can be pretty creative.

carrie loves: social media icons

These icons may look familiar to you (& if not, pay more attention to my blog!). There are a lot of free social media icons available but I love how simple these are & all the color options you can choose from.

running on happiness’ tips for self portraits

As I’ve said, I’m going to start doing outfit posts. And while its a scary thought these tips are great to start figuring out how to take these types of photos! Even if you’re not a blogger that does outfit posts the need for a good photograph of yourself does come up. Learn how to do it!


I sign into this site every single day to look at all the new posts. Follow your favorite blogs & get automatic updates that don’t clog your inbox.

blog brunch

Hosted on the first Saturday of every month, this Twitter chat allows you to interact with other bloggers while also getting great advice. Its a place to network & to learn!

What other great sites are out there that we all need to know about?

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