Blogging Week: Top 10 Tips

There is a lot of advice on the internet about how to blog & what successful bloggers do. It can be a bit overwhelming, so I wanted to narrow it down to my personal top 10. I’m not perfect at any of these, but I do think they are the most useful & things that we all need to be reminded about!

This one is number 1 for a reason- you’ll pretty much find it on anyone’s blogging tips! Commenting on other bloggers’ posts is not only appreciated but also makes your presence known. Bloggers & readers will see your comment & check out your site, plus its a great way to start a conversation with specific bloggers. Just make sure to be positive & actually say something !

Your blog should have a focus, even if its something general like “lifestyle”. Figure out what you want to talk about on your blog & make sure to follow similar bloggers. You don’t have to be really specific but do narrow it down a bit!

Once you figure out a niche then you can look for a blogging group. Do a search to see if there’s a physical blogging group in your area (like CAPFabb!) or join an online community. It can be something small or something large like Independent Fashion Bloggers but it’ll give you a group of fellow bloggers to interact with.

Follow & take note of blogs that you admire. This doesn’t mean copying them but rather using them to get your creativity going. Figure out what they do well & why you love their blog so much. Then try & translate that into your own blog.

(I’m sharing my personal inspiration blogs on Thursday).

Never judge a book by its cover really doesn’t apply here. So much of blogging is about the aesthetics, so make sure the first impression of your blog is a good one that draws readers in. Sometimes this may require  money but you can easily pay someone to just design a header & not an entire site. Look also for pre-made templates that are cheaper & will make your blog look just that much more professional.

You won’t get readers if you post completely randomly. Keep to a schedule, whether its daily, Monday-Friday, or every other day. I know in WordPress (& I’m assuming the same is for Blogger) that you can schedule posts ahead of time, so try & do it for the same time each day. This way readers will know exactly when to check in with you.

Also be consistent with your look: coordinate any social media pages with your blog’s look. You may also consider having specific posts on specific days. For instance,  Mondays I have my “snapshots” series, Tuesdays are reserved for fashion posts, etc. You don’t need to box yourself in (Wednesdays I have left open for my miscellaneous posts!) but it does help both you & the reader to know what to expect from your blog.

Which leads me to a favorite: plan out your blog! Keep an editorial calendar & think about your posts ahead of time. Coming up with posts the day of is a lot of pressure & you may not be feeling very creative or inspired. Planning out the next week’s or month’s posts will not only keep you organized but will also help you come up with overarching themes for your blog.

Seems obvious but sometimes you start comparing yourselves to other bloggers & try to mold yourself to what you think the readers want. Readers come to your blog for YOUR voice, so just make sure that whatever you’re writing about is something you actually care about. I’ve decided to focus more on fashion because that’s what I really love, even if I don’t always love what’s walking down the runway!

I’d say at least have a Twitter account. You can follow fellow bloggers & its a great way to interact with them. Otherwise, the rest is up to you. Try out the different types of media & figure out what works best for you. I personally have not seen much of an impact from my Facebook page but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Whatever you use, you’ll have the same result: another platform to engage with bloggers & readers.

Blogs change over time & its good to be open to it. Maybe you have found new interests & want to slightly shift the focus of your posts. Or you are sick of your blog design & want to redo it. Always work to improve your blog & don’t be afraid to do new things. Look though the archives of popular blogs: their old posts do not look like their new ones! Photography gets better, writing gets crisper, & the blog’s look gets modernized. Things on the internet move quickly: don’t get stuck in a rut because a blog is supposed to be a creative outlet!

{On that note, I’ve changed my blog design a million times this past year. Maybe don’t change as much as that!}

These are the ten tips that I always come back to, but there are so many other great pieces of advice out there. So please comment on what tip I missed that you think is really important! I’m hoping to start up some good conversations with blogging week!

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