Party Planner: Clambake

The best part about Cape Cod (besides family, of course) is the food. So much so that it inspired my husband’s 30th birthday party last year. Its a perfect summertime theme & can actually be fairly easy (especially if you cheat like me & order the food!).


A classic clambake takes a little bit of effort but you can easily simplify it, even if its not authentic. Some sort of clam or lobster should be served, plus corn on the cob, & potatoes. I served sandwiches alongside the seafood as an alternative & Cape Cod potato chips in sand buckets.

Drinks should be easy- coolers with beer & pitchers of sangria & lemonade.

And even adults like party favors! Something like lollipops from Ju-C Suckers are great to use as decor during the party & giving away at the end of the night.


This is the fun of the theme! Buoys, nets, & beach themed objects make the party fun. The life preserver greets guests immediately without being too over the top.


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2 Responses to Party Planner: Clambake

  1. Jodi says:

    Love this party theme. It looks so cute. Love the rope around the fork/knife/spoon!

  2. Kate says:

    Cute party theme! Very nautical!

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