Color Block: Red, White, & Blue

I love packing for Cape Cod- it brings out all my East Coast preppiness in full force! Its a beach trip but there’s no tropical colors around, unless they’re in a Lilly Pulitzer print. So I get to go to my favorites- reds, blues, & stripes!

It seems J.Crew also has the same mindset lately:

anchor dress| red striped blouse| anchor bathing suit| chambray tunic| anchor pendant| blue striped skirt| rope bracelet| nautical striped shorts| anchor ballet flats

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t wear all of these in my short week at the Cape. But a few pieces with anchors, a relaxed chambray shirt, & of course some favorite stripes would make me feel right at home while chowing down on fried clams & lobster!

{Which explains the one piece….}


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3 Responses to Color Block: Red, White, & Blue

  1. Emily says:

    Love that bathing suit! too cute

  2. Kate says:

    I so wanted that anchor bathing suit to fit me but it doesn’t come in tall 😦 The anchor ballet flats are on my wishlist!

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