Party Planner: The Olympics

For the last winter Olympics my friends threw an amazing party for the opening ceremonies with themed food, costumes, & decorations. And although they can’t do it this week I wanted to share their idea because it was so much fun.

1. csi cannon sports gymnastics ribbon| 2. nbc team usa wristbands| 3. boy by band of outsiders tank| 4. nike boyshorts| 5. diy torch| 6. the decorated cookies olympic rings| 7. a small snippet popcorn torches| 8. thirty handmade days olympic bingo

Each guest came dressed up for their favorite sport- always an entertaining mix! I like the idea of having Bingo going (with or without beverages) so that the ceremonies aren’t passively in the background but part of the party atmosphere.

And of course the food! There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest of themed appetizers & desserts, plus you can always do plates from the various countries.

I’ll be watching at my parents’ house but is anyone planning on  hosting or going to an Olympic party?


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3 Responses to Party Planner: The Olympics

  1. Ah! Love the torch and the torch inspired popcorn! I’ll be over… just let me know what you want me to bring 🙂

  2. Dawn says:

    My friends are hosting one, but I’ll be travelling out of town :/ Everyone is tasked as dressing as a different country and then cheering loudly when they come out. The torches are super cute!

  3. Ruth says:

    What a fun party idea.

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