Party Planner: Pool Party

Summertime always meant playing in the pool, ice cream sandwiches, & spending days in the sun with best friends. And while I don’t personally have access to a pool, I think there would be no better way to spend a grown-up party than taking a page out of childhood.

{Maybe with some updated beverages. Juice boxes have somewhat lost their appeal.}

1. diy paper umbrella wreath| 2. ikea yellow bowls| 3. bulk party supplies coconut cup| 4. world market party tub with barefoot wine & sprite| 5. fouta hammam turkish towels| 6. american plastics sand bucket | 7. beach balls| 8. strawberry margarita popsicles

I suppose you can do a classy pool party, but if we’re going with the idea of bringing back childhood fun then I say go all out with the kitschy decor! Drinks served in coconut cups (with lids so you don’t spill in the pool), paper umbrella wreath, blow up beach balls…. all of these work for a simple & fun afternoon.

What is your favorite summertime childhood memory?


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2 Responses to Party Planner: Pool Party

  1. Emily says:

    LOVE the pop-cycle idea! and that wreath is super cute!

  2. Ruth says:

    I love all of these ideas.

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