Currently Loving: DC on Heels

Not to be alarmed, but it is Friday the 13th. Try to avoid black cats, ladders, & other cursed objects, ok?

Vanessa from DC on Heels is sharing today what she is Currently Loving, from clothing to entertainment to what she’s looking forward to in the future!

delia brown flower fascinator| michael kors watch| nunzia bellerose tote| brian atwood maniac metallic pump

ryan gosling| the alchemist| gretchen rossi| crazy days & nights

Istanbul, Turkey| Santorini, Greece


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Blogger at The Yuppie Files, aiming to bring a little style to everyday life.
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2 Responses to Currently Loving: DC on Heels

  1. wonderfelle says:

    I love this series! And who doesn’t love Brian Atwood and Ryan Gosling 🙂

  2. Glitterista says:

    What a world traveler! I’d love to go to Greece someday, and I love those Brian Atwood pumps. 🙂

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