Summer Suitcase: European Suitcase

Last summer I was packing up my cutest outfits for a week in Paris & looking forward to bringing a few new pieces home with me.

This summer? I’m living in my yoga pants & its getting embarrassing. I do have grand fantasies of all the exciting places I’d visit if I could do a yearly European vacation (hint hint husband).


topshop cream shift dress| juicy couture scarf| j crew sunglasseswallis cigarette pants| j crew blouse| asos cross-body bag| forzieri oxfords| see by chloe bangles

A cross-body bag that allows your hands to be free for photos & other touristy moments; oxfords to look stylish while still being able to walk; creams & browns as a neutral base and pops of orange & red so you’re on (American) trend while still being chic.


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4 Responses to Summer Suitcase: European Suitcase

  1. Oh, Kellie….the amount of time I spend in Lululemon yoga pants is quite embarrassing. Love those!

    I, too, am yearning for a European vacation. So, I’ve already started dropping not-so-subtle hints to my husband. I think we’ll take the boys to London!

    Hope your week has been spectacular!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. LOVE this! Those oxfords are so cute and would look great with both outfits. I love the accessories you picked too!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  3. Hannah says:

    The earrings and sunglasses are amazing and are going on my lust list. By the way if you ever do make it to Europe and you decide to go to Amsterdam, I would be happy to show you around!

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