Bathroom Reveal

Back in March I had posted about our bathroom issues. To recap, it hadn’t been changed since 1939 & was pretty gross.

The vintage black & white tile was cracked, the toliet bottom didn’t match the top, & the tub had chunks of plaster missing from it. All in all, it was liveable for a few years but needed to be changed.

We did not attempt to do this ourselves & hired a contractor who had worked on our neighbor’s bathroom last summer. This was the first time we had done any kind of renovating, so it was a little bit scary to jump in.

It took about 3 weeks & while we only lost use of the shower for 24 hours, the dust that took over our entire home was less then pleasant!

However, it was definitely worth it now that its time for the big reveal!

So much prettier!

The only things we kept were the pedestal sink & the fancy Target trash can.


We did a little shopping for new accessories, hitting up Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, & Home Depot. Only the finest for our new room.

The biggest challenge was our tub. It lies against the wall that connects to our neighbor (we live in a duplex), & to remove the tile is quite the expensive ordeal. Apparently people in 1939 were not thinking about redoing bathrooms. Since this is not our forever home,  we opted to get a bath fitter instead. It actually looks pretty good & is very easy to clean.

shower curtain| soap dispenser

We started with picking out the tile & went from there. We had a week long debate on the color of the walls before settling on this blue (which is very similar to our dining room-oops). The hardware was simple because we kept the updated sink that had already been in. No decisions there!

Finally our new vanity has this lower shelf that displays a nice candle, a clock, & my perfume that my husband had gotten for me in France years ago. A little feminine touch that I can get away with since he bought it for me!

We have two missing pieces though: a clock & towels. Our current towels are a different shade of blue that look pretty bad against the walls. We’re struggling with what color to get though, since any shade of white is a bad idea with a black dog!

Color suggestions?


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6 Responses to Bathroom Reveal

  1. WOW! You should add more interior design stuff on your blog. You have quite the knack for it!

  2. Megan says:


  3. Beth says:

    It looks awesome!

  4. Emily says:

    It looks GREAT!!! love it!

  5. Dawn says:

    I think we may have the same toilet! Yay for finally being complete. It’s lovely.
    Update: I did get the door back on my bathroom last weekend. Progress…

  6. Ruth says:

    It looks wonderful. I love the new color. As for towels, I got lazy a couple years ago and decided to buy beige towels so that no matter what I redecorated the bathrooms in I wouldn’t have to worry about buying new towels right away each time.

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