Art to Inspiration: Healing Yoga with Aarti

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing & celebratory day off. I’m excited to spend some time with the husband & friends, & to avoid all crowds in DC 🙂

 Since its the first Wednesday of the month, its also Art to Inspiration time. This has nothing to do with today’s holiday but it is special because the artist is a fellow Art to Inspiration participant!


Smita is the talented blogger behind Hogger & Co., & this photo is part of a shoot done for a friend who has started her own yoga practice. It was shot in Toronto & I really love that the photo was taken in the middle of the city! A little piece of calm on a cold, busy day.

1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6

What really struck me about this piece was the flowing fabric & what better way to get some of that look in summer outfits than with brightly patterned scarves?

As always, if you want to join in on the monthly fun just sign up here!


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2 Responses to Art to Inspiration: Healing Yoga with Aarti

  1. crossing one thing off my list. Spring scarves for grad school in Scotland!

  2. I am always a sucker for scarves, I love them! The patterns and prints you chose are so much fun, and I love that the flowing fabric in the photo reminded you of these!

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