Blogger Classes

Starting a blog can be a bit scary because there is no training guide on what to do! A lot of it is trial & error but I’ve noticed a huge growth in organized opportunities to learn from other bloggers.

There are a lot of great events & online resources but by far my favorite has been these affordable classes taught by successful bloggers & social media experts.

The Alt Channel offers really affordable hour long classes that you take on the computer, from your own home. (Yes, that means no pressure to look cute in front of fashion bloggers!)

Every class is $15 & the topics are pretty spot on for what perplexes bloggers the most! So far I’ve taken “Growing a Readership” & “Getting Started with Advertising for Bloggers”.

You get an email about an hour before your class starts with a link that will take you to the online “classroom”. You’ll get plenty of notes & info from the instructor, plus there’s an ongoing chat with the other students so you can do a little networking too!

Of course, you can always attend the Alt Summit in NYC later this summer & I will be extremely jealous of you!

With the partnership with Bing there are a lot of really cool opportunities for bloggers on the site now, including a new class on SEO. Which may be one of the most confusing parts of blogging so should be really useful!


Has anyone else taken an Alt Channel class or gone to the Alt Summit in the past? What did you think?

{all photos off the Alt Channel site}


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2 Responses to Blogger Classes

  1. Ha! Love your comment about having to look good in front of other fashion bloggers. It is so much pressure! LOL.

  2. Ruth says:

    I love the fashion blogger comment. 🙂
    I still am confused about what I am doing most days but I still enjoy it.

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