The Ten: Glitter & Pearls

Lexi from Glitter & Pearls is today’s Ten, & its special because its the last one for a little bit. I’m starting a new series next week, still featuring other bloggers but with different questions.
Lexi’s blog is one of my newest favorites & I’m not the only one who loves her- she was recently named as a Lucky Style Collective blogger! She has fantastic style & is a great writer, so make sure you add her to your blogroll.


Everything!  But my secret obsessions include 90s rap and every Lady Gaga song.  But I’m a rock girl through and through … as weird as it may sound!

I love old classics – especially Jane Austen.  Anita Shreve is also an amazing author and I’ve read and re-read all of her books.  Plus, a cheesy romance novel never hurt anyone … right?

This is the hardest question ever, but I’m going to go with “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

Belle, once the Beast is hot again, plus that massive library.  #nerd

The Man Repeller – I’d love to wear mis-matched couture, size 0, while simultaneously bumping elbows with fashions’ elite.

Carbs.  So many carbs.

Probably early nineteenth century.

Queen Elizabeth.

Anything Italian – homemade pasta included.

I wish I was a brilliant dancer.  I still dance, but I’m kind of awful.



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