DIY: Herb Basket

I saw this basket in Crate & Barrel two years ago, & decided instead of buying it to spray paint an old French basket my mom had given me.

So I bought the spray paint, got the basket out, & there it all sat in my basement. For 2 years.

Hello, procrastination.

It may have taken two years but I dragged it all outside & finally sprayed it. It took the whole weekend for drying time, but about 3 minutes each time I sprayed it.

{Definitely worth those two years of being lazy}

The idea was to liven up my little herb garden, which sits on the steps right outside my back door. The bright yellow really pops & draws your attention to the herbs, whereas the plain metal just blended in with all the wood.

I also got a tomato plant to try to keep alive, which has worked for a whole week! Yay me!

What are your gardening goals for the summer?


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