Party Planner: Parisian Picnic

With the bathroom being redone & alternating weekends away, my husband & I have not had a date night in awhile! So I had big plans for us to go to the Sculpture Garden to listen to some jazz & have a picnic.

But with all of the above & a busy work week, leaving the house was not going to happen! So I took the date idea & adjusted it for our backyard- live jazz quickly replaced with Pandora!

I had wanted to put together a Parisian picnic since this time last year we were getting ready to go on our big trip. So I put together some cheese, bread, fruit, & wine for us.

{Cars parked directly behind us added to the romance, ha.}

A simple but delicious meal for a warm evening.

Not quite the music we’d have in the Sculpture Garden but still had the same spirit!

A backyard picnic is the perfect date for a weeknight or an evening when you’re just too tired to go out. I especially like the idea of making it themed to relive a fun vacation or special moment where you were further away than your house!

Some key elements of a Parisian picnic:

crate & barrel tray| anthropologie cheese set| williams-sonoma vintage cheese board| crate & barrel wine cooler| vagabond french cafe wine glasses | anthropologie basket

 The only downside of being at home?

You may have others crash your date. Or run into their own boyfriend & your meal will be paused for them to frolick around the yard together & nearly knock over your wine!

What is your favorite picnic go-to’s?


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4 Responses to Party Planner: Parisian Picnic

  1. Emily says:

    Aww…. so fun! I love jazz in the sculpture garden but it’s has gotten SO crowded as of late. and now its HOT ugh. This looks perfect to me 🙂

  2. Aww, your dog is adorable! And your Parisian picnic is a great reminder that sometimes just setting up a little date night in the backyard is the perfect touch. Can’t go wrong with music, wine, and cheese!

  3. Beth says:

    Great job with the decor for the date night!

  4. Kate says:

    I am loving your outside space! Great inspiration for my balcony!

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