The Ten: 101 Things I Love

Today’s blogger is Johanna from 101 Things I Love, who has an adorable family & a super cute blog! Plus, I think we’d be good friend based on her answers! Dinner with the Kennedys after watching trashy tv? Yes please!
Beyonce, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Gaga…of course! We like to have a lot of dance parties at my house.
The Hunger Games! I am the only person who hasn’t read the series!
Alfie..I know…it’s an oldie.
Charlie in Willy Wonka or Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz
Sweets galore and the Real Housewives…such trashy TV
The early 70’s…strictly for fashion

Ooooh…toughie. I’d say any of the Kennedy’s
The perfect roast chicken with risotto. Yum!

Singing. I love those reality, competition shows.



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One Response to The Ten: 101 Things I Love

  1. Emily says:

    Oh I love these! I agree with EVERY ONE of her answers!

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