DIY: Painted Candlesticks

Part of my 30 Before 30 list was to actually do some of the projects I keep pinning on my “Craft Ideas” board, especially since I want to make most of my Christmas presents this year. The first thing I wanted to tackle was some spray paint projects that have been sitting in my basement, all ready to get done & collecting dust!

So my first project: spray painting candlesticks.

I loved the look of these candlesticks from Cupcakes & Cashmere but wanted a color that was a little more summery. After debating between white or a bright color, I decided to go with a fun blue.

The project is very simple: collect brass candlesticks in various sizes (I just scouted out a thrift store), spray with a primer, then spray 2 coats of your color.

Mine haven’t found their permanent place yet since our house is upended from the bath reno, but I’m envisioning them either on our dining room table or on top of my piano.

I’m hoping to make this a weekly series this summer as I knock out some of these projects I’ve been wanting to do forever! Any ones you’d like to tackle from either my Craft Idea board or somewhere else?


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One Response to DIY: Painted Candlesticks

  1. Ruth says:

    They turned out wonderful. I can’t wait to see where you find to put them.

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