Kristin Chenoweth Live!

I’ve mentioned a few times my obsession with Kristin Chenoweth. As a fellow soprano she’s definitely someone I admire & look up to, plus I think she’s adorable & super sweet. My friend Lauren & I went to see her at DAR Constitution Hall Sunday night, which coincidentally I will also be on stage at this week.

{not exactly the same as Kristin, but I’m sure my sitting & watching the graduates walk by me will me just as enthralling}

Anyways, there was the time I met her & couldn’t use a flash so the photos came out really well:

And then there was this past Sunday where our amazing seats got us right up close & personal to her:

In our typical fashion, we were indeed in the very last row. However we were on the side of the stage & actually had a decent view so the seats could have been much worse!

Since my photos of her aren’t that great, so here are some stolen from the internet of her concert:


Just like I took them myself, right?

Clearly she can do no wrong in my book, but her concert was pretty great. She balanced being fun & theatrical with belting out amazing versions of favorite Broadway tunes, including a version of “Bring Him Home”. Which was so great I recorded it was my fancy iPhone for your listening pleasure.

{She would be that tiny speck in the middle of the video. You’ll just have to trust me on that}

This will also mark off another on my 30 Before 30 list, being 1 of 2 concerts I’m going to this year. Look at me marking some things off!


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2 Responses to Kristin Chenoweth Live!

  1. Emily says:

    Ugh! I love her so much! I wish she would come back to glee more often. I just started watching GCB on hulu and I’m loving her more and more every day!

  2. What fun!!! I think she’s an amazing talent. How fun to see her LIVE! Congrats on knocking something else off your 30 before 30 list.

    xoxo Elizabeth

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