Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I always find it much harder to figure out what gifts to get the males in my life, especially my dad. I understand females. Sparkly & pretty? Done. Completely impractical but cute? Of course.

Something non-golf related for males? Uh…..

My go-to with my dad is something cooking related since that’s his other favorite hobby. I have this year’s gift all lined up but thought I’d share some other fun ideas that may work for you!

moniker who cell phone cover/ williams sonoma burger set/ sams natural jetsetter gift set/ jack spade bottle opener & flask

What are some of your go-to gifts for your dad?


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4 Responses to Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Jess says:

    The burger set and flask are awesome! Great ideas. šŸ™‚

  2. kulkimoose says:

    Love it! My dad’s a veggie so doubt he’d be too impressed with the Burget set but the flash & opener are great.

  3. Absolutely great ideas ..I love the techie one the most šŸ™‚

  4. Nancy Parker says:

    This year, since my dad is a huge lover of crumb cake, I’m ordering him a gourmet new york style crumb cake through http://www.crumbcakecreations.com . Their cakes are made-to-order (you can build your own so to speak) and living in Florida, dad misses the true NY style bakeries/treats.

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