Maymont Gardens

This past weekend was amazing catching up with my college roommates in Richmond. Our usual routine is hanging out at one of our houses in our pajamas, drinking wine, catching up, & sometimes breaking out the Nintendo 64. So we have gradually explored parts of Richmond over the years in those daytime hours where we get ourselves together!

This weekend’s adventure was a walk to & around Maymont Gardens. The weather was gorgeous & there was promise of seeing a bear, so what else could beat that?

Maymont Gardens is a former estate where you can walk around to visit various animals, all native to Virginia.

Which is cute for these guys:

But not so much for this one:

Besides the animals, there are gardens to wander through or hold a wedding at. The former mansion is available for tours, though we stuck to the outside exploring.

We were too early to spy on any weddings but did walk past an adorable fairy themed party going on, which was very tempting to crash!

Of course the highlight were these guys:

who spent some time swimming, playing, & tree climbing. They put on a good show for us, including sending a squirrel flying from the tree in an escape from death.

{I like to involve my friends in ridiculous photo-ops}

I think this was definitely one of my favorite parts of Richmond so far & the 5 miles of walking we did made me feel better when I later ate about 5 lbs of delicious pasta. Its all about balance, right?

Did anyone else do some exploring this weekend?

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One Response to Maymont Gardens

  1. Jodi says:

    Looks like such a fun time! I love goats. Hehe.

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