More Wine, Less Whine

Today is prom.

And while for many students it is an exciting day, for the teachers that plan it you just hope to make it out alive! Who knew this was such a pain to organize?!

So because of my prom duties I do not have a post ready for The Ten today.  Since the series features another blogger, I really didn’t want to not give it the attention and time the post deserves!


This week has been pure chaos & I’m quite proud of myself for not having any tears!

{Ok, there’s still a full day of putting up decorations & the actual dance itself. Cross your fingers.}

My relaxation cure has been wine, which may or may not be something to advertise. But nevertheless, it is my go to this week & I’m quite excited for a 3 day weekend of relaxing, hanging out with friends, & clearly, more wine. Or beer.  The possibilities are endless.



So with that I am also taking Monday off because sometimes a girl needs to just take a  break! Tuesday my life will resume & so will the blog- until then have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!


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2 Responses to More Wine, Less Whine

  1. Emily says:

    Have fun ma’am! Have a great weekend!

    PS I’m doing my first giveaway! Love it if you’d stop by!

  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    Have fun at prom!!! Isn’t it one of the most over hyped evenings of a teenagers’s life? I went. Had a nice enough date. Definitely not the highlight of my life or even high school. I would tell every graduating senior….you have no idea how amazing your life will be!!!

    Enjoy your weekend off. See you next week!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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