How to go on an adult spring break

7 years ago this month my two roommates & I made a pact to go on a cruise together before 2010. We were just graduating college, one of us immediately started a job, & none of us had money for a post-college extravaganza.

So as soon as 2010 came around we realized we better get our act together! May I present to you…..

Ok, so the trip was booked for August & not at all during the spring. However, the spring break spirit was there! We left significant others, jobs, & responsibilities at home.

Off we went on our Carnival Cruise ship & with one minor passport glitch, we were on board.

{Apparently I had forgotten to change my name on my passport when I got married- oops.}

I would not recommend going on a cruise with friends you are not very familiar with. Our tiny little cabin might have tested newer friendships.

However, the towel animals would bridge any differences I’m sure.

Most days were spent reading by the pool or participating in craft time.

Nighttime was spent stuffing our faces:

And going to the disco.

We actually only went to the disco one night because that’s all we could handle.

Our days off the ship were all very different. Mexico was more the spring break feel with snorkeling….

and boat/island drinking.

Quickly followed by napping.

Costa Rica I have posted about already but a day with sloths deserves to be mentioned multiple times.

Panama was more historical. We started off at the Panama Canal

and drove across the country to Panama City, where we jammed in a city’s worth of highlights into one day.

By far the best part was being able to hang out with my girlfriends who I don’t get to see longer than a quick weekend. Spring is coming to a close but I think the idea behind an adult spring break can really be used at any point in the year!

Anyone else on board with this idea?


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5 Responses to How to go on an adult spring break

  1. Well…….now that looks like a great spring break!!! Y’all all look so pretty:)
    Now I want to go on SB!

  2. Emily says:

    I would love to do that! Looks so fun!!

  3. houseofearnest says:

    Im on board! This looks like so much fun! Sad to say, my spring break would consist of early nights and early mornings! I’m an old lady at heart!

  4. Lesley says:

    Hahaha I love cruises especially the towel animals!!! Glad you had a ton of fun!

  5. Ana says:

    Aw yay!!

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