Summer Prep: Makeup

Following up with last week’s hair prep, I thought I’d share my summer makeup routine. Which can be just as difficult as the hair!

Living in D.C. humidity is a major issue & while this regimen is certainly not foolproof against the heat, its pretty good!

{No, this is not an advertisement for Clinique! I also haven’t gotten any compensation for this post, I’m really just that obsessed with their products.}

The City Block Sheer is great as a primer or as your only makeup when its really gross out. And since its oil-free I never feel like its greasy even on really hot days.

My favorite beautifying products right now are the High Lengths Mascara (works REALLY well) , the Long Last Glosswear in Cabana Crush (perfect bright pink), and Color Surge Eyeshadow in Frost Blossom. I think summer is the perfect time to experiment with fun colors & I love the look of purple eyeshadow.

With my pale skin daily sunscreen is not only to protect my skin for the future but to keep me from looking like a lobster now. This sunscreen comes in both spf 30 and 50, & like the City Block isn’t greasy.

And due to my sunscreen diligence sometimes the bronzer is needed so I look tan even if I’m still my lovely white self!

So clearly I love Clinique but are there any products you swear by that I should check out?


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5 Responses to Summer Prep: Makeup

  1. Ah! lucky, its summer 🙂 We just entered into winter in Sydney and its ccccold. Can’t wait for summer to start up again so I can use these awesome products!

  2. Emily says:

    Love that clinique lip gloss. one of my favs. 🙂

  3. BeingZhenya says:

    I am so glad you simply love Clinique, we are an awesome brand indeed 🙂

  4. so funny… i need to try clinique again! it was my first make-up so i always feel like i want to experiment with other options however lots of great options.

  5. I love learning about makeup routines! Clinique is always such a great option!

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