Monday Musings: JEM LEW pre-Launch Party

Sometimes a girl needs to relax with friends, take a nap (or two), chill with the dog, & enjoy the moment. With no photos.

 I did break out the camera though last Thursday night for the JEM LEW Love Project pre-launch that I had blogged about.

My friend Beth & I headed over to Willow for some drinks & shopping- our favorite pastimes.

{me rocking my JEM scarf & hanging out with designer Jennifer Miller}

We chatted with Jennifer for awhile, got the scoop on the Love Project launch at the MTV Movie Awards & prepped to be trendsetters since we got the necklaces before all the MTV celebs will!

LEW came up with the design and JEM helped shape it by giving her input and ideas.  The pop of color represents Jennifer Elizabeth Miller’s scarf line and the necklaces are the signature stainless steel and bamboo that Melissa Lew uses for her designs and necklaces.

I love this collaboration & am pretty excited to wear my necklace this week! It will make me just a little bit happier while at work & counting down the days until summer break!

Anyone else make any fun purchases from this weekend?


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3 Responses to Monday Musings: JEM LEW pre-Launch Party

  1. Those necklaces are so cute!! You look beatiful, btw… love the blouse!

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