Screen Style: Legally Blonde

I fully embrace my girly side & am excited about all the bright pink that is on trend for this spring & summer. Its like I can be 10 years old again!

The hot pinks feel very Elle Woods, especially in their traditional & professional shapes that she would rock in the courtroom. And while not all of these pieces will work in any environment (like a real courtroom, perhaps) little touches like a belt with still feel fun.



Clearly do not wear these all at once or you will look like Barbie! And while 10 year old me would totally think that’s cool, the 29 year old version knows that does not get you admiring looks.

What do you think- is hot pink appropriate at the office? Or am I taking this screen style a little too far?


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One Response to Screen Style: Legally Blonde

  1. I’m so into anything hot pink! Love how it’s now totally acceptable to wear at work. I love. Great finds here and adoring your blog!

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