What My 20’s Have Taught Me

The lovely Sarah of Fairy Tales Are True ran this series a few weeks ago. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since, so thought I’d share what I’ve learned, especially now that I’ve entered into my final year in the 20’s.

{complete with old photos of me in my early 20’s. which explains some of these fashion choices}

Yes, marriage does change things.

{pretty fancy for 22!}
I started dating my husband weeks before I turned 20. And after 5 1/2 years of dating & over 1 1/2 years of living together, we scoffed at the idea that marriage would radically change anything. And at first it didn’t. But slowly I could tell we’re much more a pair than we ever were even engaged & all plans automatically are a shared decision. It just happens. Now after 9 years I can tell a difference from the dating us to the married us.

{Besides the fact that we’re a little less fun to hang out with. Anyone want to watch some HGTV at our house?!}

Be open to changing your life plan.
I was very open to changing my plan in my early twenties. In fact, I did. Weekly. I graduated college with a political science degree, a non-paid internship, & a comfy spot in my childhood bedroom. Living the dream!
After many plans that didn’t last, I had my Oprah “a-ha” moment. My personality did not fit with a career in politics & I am not a person who handles a high-stress environment well. I realized I wanted to teach about government & politics, not so much be in it.
I of course called my mother with my final plan & she kindly reminded me how she had said for the past 10 years teaching would be a good fit.

 Embrace who you are.

{senior year of college, with my roomie. my shirt looks like wallpaper, yes.}

This one has taken me a long time to accept & I don’t think I fully recognized & accepted myself until this past year. There are things about me I do not like. I will never be the life of the party or be able to easily talk to a stranger without feeling awkward. That’s okay. I am an introvert who does not like big groups of people (unless they’re teenagers, apparently. What introvert teaches?!) & I need to just accept that.

Keep a close group of girlfriends around you- always.

{my other college roomie- we look 12!}

I have a small circle of girlfriends who  I adore & can turn to whenever I need them. We have years behind us & I hope years & years ahead of us. I may not have a list of 30 friends to call up at a moment’s notice, but I do know the girls I do have would be there for me no matter what.

{good friends put up with this nonsense}


I am a much happier, secure, & open person then I was when I was 20. I feel like its a decade where you don’t realize how much you need to grow & find yourself, but once its over you can’t imagine how you ever though you knew it all at 22, 24. I’ve noticed a lot of the same themes in reading Sarah’s series & it makes me look forward to what I’ll learn in my 30’s!

What is the biggest lesson you learned in your 20’s?


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5 Responses to What My 20’s Have Taught Me

  1. lauren says:

    girl, those are some good life lessons. i think at the beginning of your 20’s you think you want to be this larger-than-life, amplified version of something… and through your 20’s you learn to revel in a realistic fit for those goals. 🙂 you’re super sweet and i actually like getting to peek into your past here. 🙂 xo

  2. Beth says:

    I love this post and my favorite comment is “Embrace who you are!” One of the things I have also learned, not that I am in my 29th year is to celebrate the things I am good at and try to remember them each day!

  3. Glitterista says:

    Great post! I have heard the same thing about marriage from friends who have had long relationships prior to getting engaged and I am excited to see my relationship continue to grow and strengthen as I enjoy being engaged, but look forward to a marriage. 🙂

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