Summer Prep: Hair

The weather is getting warmer & the students are getting spazzier, so clearly that means summer is around the corner. And having stared at my pasty white legs in my cute sundress this weekend, I realized that its time to do some summer prep!

So aside from the fake tanner, I wanted to share some of my favorite products to not only prep for summer to come but to use all the way until September.


I get my hair highlighted so I have to be extra careful about it getting dried out. I love this hair mask that I get at Target. And of course any processed hair needs some good shampoo- I have no idea if this really keeps my highlights looking good but I feel like it does!

Frizz-Ease is great for my straight hair flyaways, especially the heat activated version since I like my hair dryer.

And when I don’t feel like doing my hair or the hair dryer seems like a terrible idea in 90 degree heat, I like to use the sea spray or just throw my hair in a pony. I recently bought these ties off of etsy & love the collection of colors you can get.

Finally my go-to look this spring has been the top bun.


Lauren Conrad’s beauty website has the perfect how-to, though I recently bought a hair donut to cheat. It’s pretty much the best investment I ever made! So easy to do my hair now.

What’s your favorite summer hair product?


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5 Responses to Summer Prep: Hair

  1. wildsolero says:

    Lovely post and definitely what I need right now! I’ve been searching for products to take with me to Tenerife the end of the month to avoid my hair expanding into an afro..Ginger afro- not particularly a good look! So I may have to check these products out!

  2. Is it embarrassing that my “go to” hairstyle in humid weather is the ponytail? I’m not sure if you ever out grow that style…but it’s all I can think of when my naturally wavy hair starts to go haywire!! 🙂

    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. dcshopgirl says:

    I am obsessed with Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray! In the summertime I hate drying my hair too! Great post!

  4. designchic says:

    With lots of natural curls, the NC humidity calls for Aveda hang straight…love it!

  5. I love summer hair! Surf spray is one of my favorite things!

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