The Year of the Babies

Wedding madness seems to be slowing down & quickly being replaced with baby showers. I had one this past weekend & another this upcoming weekend, plus a week old nephew.

I am slowly becoming a shower expert (as an attendee at least) so thought I’d share some great gift ideas that I’ve picked up.

{And may have stolen already!}

If you are a new mom & do not have Sophie the giraffe, you will not survive. At least that is what I’ve gathered from every single mom exclaiming that this is the best teether/toy ever invented.

I got my sister-in-law the bath stuff she put on her registry but of course wanted to add cute toys. I found there aren’t a ton for newborns but loved these soft bath toys.

Baby clothes, blankets, or socks are too cute to pass up, even if the new mother will be getting a ton.

Another idea to go with the bath theme- a cute hooded towel.

Mommy & baby will need lots of care & I loved this gift set that my friend got this past Saturday.

Finally, my sister-in-law got a robe & my friend & I copied it for this past weekend’s gift. Think about it- mom is going to wake up all the time in the middle of the night & will want something soft to put on. Plus baby showers are so much about the little one that its nice to give the mom-to-be a present for herself.

Any other favorite gifts? I’ve got more showers coming up so keep bringing them my way!


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