Monday Musings: Guacamole!

There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend to recharge you for a week of crazy teenagers! We did a lot of socializing this weekend but managed to fit in a lot of being lazy too. And other than being forced to watch Thor on Friday night, it was all pretty great!

The highlight of Saturday though was our friends’ Cinco de Mayo Guac-Off. Eight of us got together to compete over whose guacamole was best. And while I was not a winner, I was pretty proud that mine was edible. I have such high expectations of my cooking!

Since I knew my regular guac recipe would not hold up to the deliciousness of some of my friends who have painstakingly perfected theirs I went with something different: BLT guac. I found the inspiration here, but added in a little less mayo & a little more bacon.

Really, I think its best to eyeball everything to your taste & not strictly follow a recipe.



Bacon, crumbled

A dash of hot sauce

Splash of lime juice


Mix everything together with a fork, except for the tomatoes which you will dice up & add at the end.

Simple enough & a different take on guacamole.

Our hosts also served us some delicious margaritas & had a taco bar for the post-guac. A ridiculous amount of good food but it made for such a fun get-together!

What did everyone do for the Derby or Cinco de Mayo? Or did you ignore both?


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5 Responses to Monday Musings: Guacamole!

  1. I love me some quac!!! We went to Cantina Loredo for Cinco and I seriously ate my weight in it! (that & margaritas!!) I don’t eat tomoates (by choice) or onions so mines easy to make, avocado, seasoning, lime & jalapeños! Now, bacon is a new twist….I will have to try that:)

    Happy Monday,

  2. khonerlaw says:

    that sounds delicious! i’ll have to try it sometime!

  3. Jodi says:

    I didn’t celebrate either which is a huge bummer! I did celebrate a 3 years old birthday with a zoo party! I guess he is too young for margaritas!

  4. Natalie says:

    I already love guac — adding bacon sounds divine! Thanks for the recipe!

    New to your blog and loving it!

  5. Emily says:

    OMG that sounds so good! Bacon in guacamole? what could be better??

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