The Ten: Chevron & Eclairs

Thank goodness its Friday! My excitement is solely for the fact I get to sleep in tomorrow- its the little things in life, right?

I’m also excited for today’s Ten with Supal from Chevron & Eclairs. She’s one of my favorite bloggers & the creator behind the monthly series Art to Inspiration. She’s also prepping for a big move to London for grad school, so make sure you’re following her because I’m pretty sure we’d all like to live vicariously through her!

I guess the real question is, what music does not make me want to get up and dance? After being classically trained in different genres of dance [including Indian classical dancing!] I’ve basically danced to all kinds of music. I do, however, love some good club style jamming out. When I’m overwhelmingly stressed, especially during my college days, I would head over to the dance halls and turn on and dance to anything from Hometown Glory by Adele to Indian instrumental music.

My go-to book would be Jane Eyre. It’s my favorite book of all time and I read it multiple times a year. Considering the circumstance, I would read any classic romance novel. My favorites include : Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, Swan in Love and The Fox.
Easy. City Lights starring Charlie Chaplin. Personally, I think all black and white films are charming, but this silent film is even more. It’s a romantic film about a blind flower girl and a tramp during the Depression-era. The simplicity of the film and dynamic setting makes it one of the most charming films I’ve ever watched and leaves you in a trance.

Nancy Drew, remember her? I read every single Nancy Drew book when I was in grade school. She is beautiful, smart and a detective. When I was younger, I used to climb up on a tree that was in our backyard with a small notepad and pen. I would pretend I was spying on “bad guys” and would take “notes” to “solve a mystery.” To me, she was a renaissance woman.
It would have to be Jamie Beck. I love her photography, wardrobe and her jet-setting lifestyle. Following her blog has gotten me interested in photography, and I am actually doing a mentorship with a local photographer for the next 5 months to learn a few tips and tricks. Plus, Jamie has told me that photography doesn’t come from learning, it comes from actually doing it… so I’m taking her advice!

I absolutely love, love, love Gossip Girl. I can watch episodes over and over again. The drama, wardrobe, lifestyle, Nate Archibald just intrigues me. My senior year in college I would actually look up photos of Blair Waldorf’s outfits and try to copy them, even the headbands! Now, I have so many headbands… and I’ll probably still wear them.
Obviously the roaring 20s [and I think I should have had a sweet apartment in Chicago]! I love jazz and and the jazz culture. If the sweet voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin are incredible one vinyl, I would do anything to go back in time just to listen to them live.
Gandhi. Obviously he is wise and was politically influential during his day, but I would want to thank him for all that he had done for my family in India. I’m sure without him, my family and I would not be living the American dream. On top of that, my grandfather has some wild stories from the days of Gandhi!
Parisian Macaroons are considered a meal, right? I’ve been making my own variations of macaroons for about a year now. I haven’t come up with the perfect personal recipe, but it’s almost there. My pictures make the macaroons look like they are picture perfect. The ones in the photographs are, but I usually only have about 10 that turn out great in a batch of 30.
I wish I knew how to play the saxophone. With a love for jazz, this one is a simple one. One of my favorite saxophonist is Gary Bartz who has worked with Miles Davis. Sometimes I wish my mom had me take 9 years of sax lessons instead of piano!
Thanks so much for having me, Kellie! I’m a big fan of this weekly feature and honored to be part of it 🙂

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2 Responses to The Ten: Chevron & Eclairs

  1. Parisian macarons? Just another reason why I love Supal! So glad you featured her.

  2. YAY! I had so much fun helping you put this together 🙂 Thanks so so so much for having me. PS – I hope you end up just visiting me in LONDON ❤

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