Vervacious: lively; animated

I’m still recovering from our weekend away to Portland, Maine & while I plan on doing a full post on our trip next week I wanted to share one of our favorites “discoveries” while we were there.

{The full disclaimer is that people like Oprah have really discovered this store but I still like to pretend we’re right up there with her.}

Vervacious was the first stop on our food tour & probably our favorite. The husband & wife team retired from their crazy city lives, lived on a boat for awhile, & then moved back to their families in Maine to open up their shop in Portland.

Balsamic vinegars, fancy salts, delicious herbs & spices- everything you could possibly want to make fancy meals.

I also loved how you could sample everything, though it wasn’t advisable to do what my husband did & eat some straight chili powder. To be fair they did have warning sign- he chose to ignore it.

Their second store is in Freeport, Maine, but if you’re not up that way there’s always the online shop. Their gift boxes would be great gifts for someone who loves to cook or entertain. Each bottle tells you what to pair the spice/vinegar/herb with so you don’t have to be adventurous.

My recommendation?

I mean, its chocolate. A no brainer!

We may have shipped some things back to us, it was that good. And I’m sure we’ll be using that link to their store quite often in the future.

{Love this quote in the store!}

If you’re stopping by from Keep Calm & Carry On– hello! And if not stop by to read a little bit more about me!


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7 Responses to Vervacious: lively; animated

  1. Jess says:

    I love specialty shops like these! I’ll have to add this to my list for when I return to Portland. I’m surprised you didn’t take a small half-day trip to Freeport! Such a quaint, fun little town with lots of great food (and of course shopping). I’m sure time is a constraint though (isn’t it always?).

  2. Jodi says:

    Stopping by from Katie’s blog and wanted to say hi!

  3. Emily says:

    OMG. Chocolate balsamic? AMAZING. Oh and I saw you on Katie’s blog! So exciting!

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