Art to Inspiration: Echoes of Fragrant Voices

This month’s Art to Inspiration is very different from the others we’ve done- very simple, very structural. Without any splashes of  color I had to really focus on the shape of the art & not the pretty outfits I could make from it!


The sunburst shape immediately reminded me of some antique pins that I have from my grandmother and of Pinterest boards filled with mirrors in this shape. So what better way to get inspired than by accessorizing both yourself & your home for spring with sunbursts!


I love the modern inspiration versus my original antique visions. The  House of Harlow piece is especially elegant & would look great with a simple tank & jeans for summer.


I love how the sunburst looks very literal on the sconce, glamorous on the golden frame, or soft on the pillow. Just a touch that would fit in with any home decor style.

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5 Responses to Art to Inspiration: Echoes of Fragrant Voices

  1. Didn’t think they’d be so many objects with this shape – how interesting. I adore that necklace, reminds me of something House of Harlow would make.

  2. brynn says:

    This piece is totally reminiscent of a sunburst – I love the pieces you chose to represent it. Particularly that necklace. Stunning!

  3. Lisa says:

    Fantastic!! I love your interpretation….the jewelry & the home decor are gorgeous with the burst element.

  4. I am impressed that you found so many pieces with a shape so similar to Howe’s piece! I knew there were mirrors shaped like that, but I hadn’t seen all of the fun jewelry. I love how you came up with a collection of pieces to wear and a collection to beautify the home 🙂

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