Mother’s Day Gifts

I visited my mom over my spring break as part of her Mother’s Day gift, so I’m already ahead of the game this year! But clearly not everyone has that luxury so I pulled together some of my favorites from the web that are perfect for a little spring gift.


I am loving everything on the Design Darling Boutique right now, including this topiary & necklace. Everything is gorgeous & so special, perfect for any gift giving.

The Crate & Barrel planter would be a cute gift with some herbs or even a plant with an “I love you” message written on the chalkboard. (Card & gift in one!)

I love Marley Lilly’s monogrammed soap for a small gift- simple but more thoughtful with the added personalization.

And the tea is inspired by my own mother’s admissions. She decided it was time to clean out her own tea collection since she figured some might be expired. She found some from 1989!!!!!! While I was visiting her she did buy some more, so I won’t be getting her this gift in fear a growing collection may be there until 2032!

But its a cute idea for other moms!

Do you know what you’re getting your mother yet?


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6 Responses to Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. Great ideas! The tassel necklace is so pretty!

  2. Great ideas! That tassel necklace is so pretty!

  3. These are such cute ideas! I’m planning to buy my mom a new pair of shoes – it’s always important to treat your mom!

  4. Jess says:

    I’m also eyeing pretty much everything in Mackenzie’s boutique. So classy and pretty!

    Not sure what I’m getting my mom yet, but I’ll definitely keep your post bookmarked. Great ideas!

  5. The LensMaster says:

    I think I know now what to get my mom for Mother’s Day!!! A Spa at Home basket…

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