Pull it together!


I’ve been trying to tell my frazzled self this all day. So far it’s sort of worked.

I was  home sick yesterday which has resulted in a work day that is absolute chaos. I have two events this week for two different clubs I sponsor & I’ll be out again on Friday for a networking event. (Yes, that’s right. A networking event for teachers. I have no idea what goes on there either! Do we chat about textbooks? Or bond over how we can’t work our projectors?)

This has resulted in 1- lack of creativity on the blog today & 2- me just looking forward to crawling into bed & forgetting this week is happening.



But instead I’m trying to follow Ms.Taylor’s wise words. Due to being sick pouring myself a drink may not be the best plans but the thought is there to take a minute to relax & get myself organized. And instead of lipstick I am keeping my mani/pedi date as a way to make myself look more presentable!

What words of advice do you tell yourself on hectic days?


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2 Responses to Pull it together!

  1. Jess says:

    I tell myself that 1. you can’t do it all, 2. in time it will all get done, and 3. take time to relax and sleep!

    Don’t worry, it’ll all come together. Glad to see a post up, though! 🙂

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