Screen Style: Titanic

Last Sunday was the 100th anniversary & I spent a large part of the day geeking out over documentaries. See, in third grade my teacher taught us about the tragedy & I became obsessed. I did multiple book reports on the topic, even before the movie came out.

Which only fueled my obsession then with the movie. My favorite historical event combined with Leo’s dreamy eyes? Done.

So in honor of the event & the movie being  rereleased, I’m indulging my inner teenager by getting inspiration from Kate Winslet’s costumes.


There are little ladylike touches you can add to your outfits without looking like you’re going in costume. Or rocking my sophomore year homecoming outfit which was a copy of Kate’s red dress. Complete with choker. Pretty stylish.


Feminine details & lots of lace give you the same Edwardian look but can easily be modernized when you only wear a touch of it. The fun lacey shoes with sleek pants or the green dress with minimal jewelry. The hat itself may not be the most practical but I’m sure when you own something so pretty you find ways to wear it! Or just have an annual derby hat.

I think the key is to not overdo it & just pick one piece to make a regular outfit a little more special. (Or wear the whole outfit to see Titanic in 3D. My 14 year old self would love that.)

Am I the only one who still swoons a bit over Jack Dawson?


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3 Responses to Screen Style: Titanic

  1. Jamie says:

    Can we get a picture of that homecoming ensemble? Pretty please? I wore pants to mine. 😉

  2. Ruth says:

    I never really got into it until the movie came out but I have been intrigued about it ever since.
    I love the dress you picked.

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