Travels: Versailles

History is a big part of any trip my husband & I take. His undergraduate degree is in history, I’m a social studies teacher. We have plenty of interests but if there is something historically important to see, we’re there. So while our main focus of our France trip was just in Paris we made sure to do a daytrip to Versailles & an overnight in Normandy.

{If you missed my Paris recap you can find it here & here!}


Versailles became the main residence for the royal family once they were driving out of Paris during the Revolution. Only part of the palace is open for tours, which once you walk through you’ll realize its ridiculous that there are large parts of the building you haven’t seen. Its beyond the size you can ever imagine!

The main draw of course is the Hall of Mirrors but every room is spectacular.

{looking like a hobo in the Hall of Mirrors- don’t think I would’ve been invited back.}

The King rose each morning, bathed, dressed, & ate breakfast in front of an audience. Every single morning. Clearly you could not be an introvert (or have body insecurities!) for this job.

Of course I was more enthralled with everything Marie Antoinette. Including the secret door she fled the palace from. I was inspired to read a biography of her, which I started & then never finished. So that’s on my to-do list for this summer but Marie was not quite as callous as popular history would have you believe. And she hated Versailles & its politics, so naturally she had her own little “play home” to escape to.

The Petit Trianon is a full house, complete gardens, a pond, a large gazebo to host parties in, & more. My personal favorite was her theatre- a full stage with seats for hundreds.

It was originally the home for her father-in-law’s mistresses, but was converted as her escape. Its also right next door to the Grand Trianon, the vacation home of the royal family. Always nice to have your vacation home on the same land as your actual home, right? Makes traveling easier.

{and I guess visiting the royal mistress too.}

The gardens are spectacular & would could pretty much walk around them all day. The fountains are turned on only on weekends, so we did miss out on that but it was still amazing without the water.

Since you can spend hours at Versailles they nicely have different restaurants & cafes to choose from, which is nice when you’ve worn a sundress & its chilly enough to want hot chocolate.

{Though the lack of a full length mirror in my hotel resulted in this Mary Kate Olsen look.}

Versailles is an easy metro ride from Paris & since we went first thing in the morning we had the afternoon for more Parisian adventures. You end up walking a lot at Versailles though so be prepared to be tired & plan accordingly for the afternoon.

Which we were not & while I enjoying seeing Napolean’s tomb, I was not too enthralled with the military museum. Let me just say- the French have been through a lot of wars.

Our big trip was an overnight to Normandy, which you’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to hear about! Or you can read Aspiring Kennedy‘s blog since she just went in one of her many French adventures!


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5 Responses to Travels: Versailles

  1. Jess says:

    Versailles looks incredible, and the Petit Trianon is beautiful. I wasn’t as interested in French history (focusing more on modern [read: last century] politics), but I would love to check out a well-rounded biography of Marie Antoinette sometime.

    I find that huge complexes like Versailles make for great photo opportunities and day trips. I spent almost an entire day at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain a couple of years ago. There’s so much to see!

  2. Christine says:

    Take me with you next time! Err.. Please?

  3. Gorgeous photos! I looks like an absolutely amazing time!

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