Fashion District Recap

I managed to squeak in two girls’ nights last week, which makes for a very happy girl! Thursday night my friend Beth & I headed into Georgetown for ReadySetDC’s Fashion District Show.

The first mistake we made was parking at the bottom of the hill is our super trendy but impossible to walk up cobblestone shoes. Clearly we are out of going out practice! But we made it without any breaks or sprains, & beelined it for the speciality cocktail.

{Ignore my tired eyes- clearly why I don’t go out on weeknights!}

There was a pretty solid selection of local clothing & jewelry designers showing off & selling their goods. Truthfully I think we were both expecting more designers there but it was enjoyable to see the wide selection & talk with the actual designers.

We made the rounds but had to come back to the JEM Collection for her scarves. I had been on a mini-hunt for a good spring scarf to wear with a white sheath dress but there were so many to choose from! Jennifer Miller not only has a great eye for beautiful fabrics but she was also super sweet.

Between shopping & then posing with her & her assistant for various photographers (as the customers showing off their latest purchases- my mom would be so proud), we ended up spending way too much of her time with her! But I’m now obsessed.

{Her etsy shop is not fully stocked right now but she does have some of my other favorites listed like the pink & purple tie-dye.}

I’m saving my scarf for some upcoming celebrations but will make sure to post the full outfit.

Anyone else have any new favorite local or etsy designers/shops?


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2 Responses to Fashion District Recap

  1. Beth says:

    Love those scarves!! So much fun!

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