The Ten: Vmac & Cheese

I have to say, the first week back from spring break has been a bit rough! It was a bit of a tease of summer before being hit again with school craziness. Of course, I get things like spring break & summers off so I guess I’m not going to get much sympathy from many!

The good news is that its Friday, so along with the weekend being mere hours away its also time for The Ten! Today is Victoria from Vmac & Cheese. Not only do I love her blog but she has recently started her own business & is super inspiring to read about. She also had one of my all-time favorite posts, bringing together top bloggers to share some of their secrets.

I love virtually all types of music! Top 40, classic rock, lounge-y music with a Latin flair a la Gotan Project, classical, you name it. However, I have a special place in my heart for good 90s music. I am not ashamed to admit that I still listen to Third Eye Blind and old Dave Matthews Band albums on the regular. I can sing every single word to ‘Semi-Charmed Life.’

I’m notorious for reading the same books over and over again. One book I try to read every year is A Confederacy of Dunces. It still makes me laugh after reading it for so many years.

You could name 10 movies and I’ve probably seen 2. I’m so bad at keeping up with them! I do love the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice though. The cinematography was out of control, and obviously, the classic love story gets me every time!

Hmm, this is a tough one. I could mull over this for a while and think of something really witty and impressive, but to be honest, the first thing that came to my mind is that when I was a little girl, I always wanted to be Elizabeth Wakefield from the Sweet Valley series. Isn’t that bizarre???

Another tough one! I think I would love to be in Jamie Beck’s shoes for a day. To have her eye, create the stunning images she does, and (if it was the right day) go backstage at some of fashion’s biggest houses would be incredible.

Despite going to culinary school, there are some packaged foods from my childhood that I can never resist. They include Zatarain’s Red Bean & Rice mix and those pre-packaged Caesar salad kids you get in the produce section. So random, I know. I turn my nose up at virtually all other packaged foods, but for some reason, these are TOTAL guilty pleasures.

I kind of loving living in this one (what would I do without the Internet???). So many eras would have been interesting to live in, but lately, with the Downton Abbey craze, I’ve become particularly interested in the Edwardian era and the early 20s. The world was on the precipice of major technological advances and cultural changes (especially for women), but was still firmly connected to the “old world” traditions.

Lots of people would be fascinating to talk to (mostly to update them on the state of the world), but I would love to sit down and chat with Steve Jobs.

Well, the culinary degree puts me at an unfair advantage here, but I guess if there was one thing I would perfect, it would be candy making and bread making skills. Things like working with sugar and chocolate, and understanding doughs by sight, smell, and tough.

To be able to sing very, very well. You really don’t want to hear me sing. It’s awful.
Thanks for having me today, Kellie!

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2 Responses to The Ten: Vmac & Cheese

  1. Ah this is such a cool series! Enjoyed reading about Victoria!

  2. Love this! Victoria is one of my favorite bloggers and these questions are so fun. Wish I could sing well, too.

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