Travels: Paris Part 1

While finishing up my honeymoon posts I realized I never posted much about our “second honeymoon” to Paris last year. Which seems silly, so I’m posting about the trip almost 9 months later.

The main focus of the trip was seeing Paris. I had wanted to go for ages & everyone kept telling me how it was “my” city. Something about it just encapsulates everything that I love!

We stayed in the St.Germain area, only leaving for an overnight to Bayeux/Normandy (which I’ll post about later this month). On my to-do list was the usual tourist spots but with plenty of time to leisurely walk the city & relax at cafes, which is what most of our time was spent doing.

Naturally going up the Eiffel Tower was a must. We didn’t go all the way to the top but the view from the second level was pretty amazing. We also met up with some Smurfs who apparently were taking in the sites too.

We went back at night for some crepes & a ride on the carousel- highly recommended. (Also recommended is having a camera that can take nighttime photos instead of realizing that perhaps its time to upgrade!)

My recommendation is to go early & expect to wait in line. Yes, its worth it. No, it won’t be a fun standing around experience.

We knocked out the Arc d’Triomphe & Champs d’Elysees after going up the Eiffel Tower. I have to say, I was not enthralled with the Champs. It was very touristy & not quite as nice as 5th Ave. You have to go down further to find the designer stores, which is really why you’re going.

{Abercrombie & Fitch of all places had the longest lines. Apparently the latest in French fashion is my middle school wardrobe!}

The designer stores themselves are gorgeous & I enjoyed pretending to be fancy in Chanel. However my wallet is not fancy so window shopping was the best I could do!

Our first hotel was near Notre Dame, so we got to see a lot of it. No sightings of the Hunchback, though.

We made the decision early on to skip a lot of the museums. I know, I know. But it was June in Paris & who wants to spend all that time inside?! We’ll go back at some point in our lives & make up for that, but we did go to the Louvre.

We only spent a few hours there because it was so overwhelming & hit the main attractions, plus the Egypt exhibit. (It was fun seeing things like the feet of a statue whose body we saw in Egypt). I still do not get the attraction of the Mona Lisa but the Venus de Milo was very impressive in person.

We went to the gardens twice- once for my husband to take photos while I laid out on a chair & tried to recover from the previous evenings’ activities at a jazz club. Since I missed out on really admiring my surroundings we went back the morning of our flight & had a breakfast of mimosas & croissants to send us off.

All the gardens did was depress me that there was nothing in the DC area or really most of America that came close to European gardens. I just want to spend a summer reading there & never leaving!

{Somehow the park behind my house where Abby runs loose doesn’t really compare. We do have a bird bath though- I guess that could be like a fountain?!}

We took a boat ride on the Seine our last night in Paris, which I would highly recommend doing at the end of the trip. We were able to simply relax & enjoy our last night while other tourists were running around taking photos because they just arrived. I enjoyed being able to take in the romance of the city instead of rushing for my first shot of the Eiffel Tower!

Tomorrow I’ll post the sites I had always dreamed of seeing in Paris, with the following two weeks covering our visits to Versailles & Normandy!

{Hey, we’re not traveling anywhere fancy this summer so I’ll just relive past vacations!}


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3 Responses to Travels: Paris Part 1

  1. creamyclothes says:

    Looks amazing. The only thing of France I have ever seen is the airport πŸ™‚

  2. You are one lucky girl!!! πŸ™‚

    I love seeing Paris through your eyes. It reminds me of how much fun we had there. We, too, were there in June (magical!)and stayed in St Germain. Totally agree with you about the Champs and found my favorite shops on the Left Bank!

    I like the way you two travel!!!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

    xoxo Elizabeth

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