Monday Musings

As I mentioned before, I went down to Williamsburg to visit my parents over my spring break.

They moved there after I graduated from college so I’ve never actually lived there. Because of that I always like to find new places to explore while I’m there & my mom had been talking about Smithfield for a long time. So we left my dad with the dog & headed out for a nice day of exploring!

From Williamsburg you take about a ten minute ferry to get to the other side of the bay (& pass Jamestown on your way) to Surry. Then you drive about 30 minutes along the bay coast until you get to Smithfield. You are pretty much in the middle of nowhere but its a nice, peaceful drive.

The town of Smithfield is small but it has a lot of cute shops to wander through & a couple of cute restaurants. We ate at the haunted Smithfield Inn, but luckily saw no signs of the ghost.

The town has a lot of small museums, including an art center where we saw them preparing the pigs that are to be placed around town in a few weeks. You may be familiar with Smithfield from the ham, which you’re greeted with a giant whiff of when you first enter the town.

{It smells delicious until it starts to rain, & then you’re greeted with the stench of wet ham. Yum?}

We skipped a lot of the museums to get ice cream (good decision) but did venture a couple minutes out of town to the Historic St.Lukes Chuch. It is the oldest Anglican & gothic-styled church in the U.S. Although its a small colonial church it is gorgeous!

{You can clearly see the resemblance!}

It was fun to explore a different part of my state & spend a nice day with my mom.It started to pour during our church tour so we hightailed it back to Williamsburg to find my dad hanging out with Abby & preparing us dinner. Rough life!

I also took a little break from the Internet & I have to say- it was nice! Its always good to turn off the social media for awhile & just chill.

{It also helps to have some great bloggers fill in for you – thanks Jamie & Julie!}

No more break for me- I’m spending a teacher workday getting myself organized & then its the last quarter tomorrow! Crazy. The countdown to summer soon begins!


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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. Ruth says:

    What a wonderful time. Williamsburg is on my list of places I would love to visit one day.

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