Spring Break According to Julip Made

Hello Yuppie Files readers, Julie from Julip Made here.

I was honored when Kellie asked me to guest post for while she was away on Spring Break. Given that, I would be remiss if I did not share with you my favorite Spring Break location/ vacation location in general… Portugal.

My first trip there was a mother-daughter trip I took back in college. We started in Lisbon, drove out to Caiscais and Sintra, then down along the coast to the Algarve, and finally back up inland to Evora. However, this summer, I’ll be going back, but this time to northern Portugal in the Douro and Minho region to visit my boyfriend’s family. Below, I share the routes we took/ will take and my recommendations from my trip to Lisbon and southern Portugal.


Thank you again Kellie for having me and please feel free to stop by Julip Made any time with questions about Portugal or just to say hi!



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2 Responses to Spring Break According to Julip Made

  1. Julip Made says:

    Thank you again Kellie for having me! It was really fun to recap/ relive some of my favorite memories from one of my favorite trips! Hope you are having a relaxing Spring break!

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