Monday Musings: Spring Break

I made the very wise decision to become a teacher which has allowed me to continue to enjoy that highlight of March/April: spring break.


My college spring breaks were varied: freshman year was spent at home, sulking that I wasn’t somewhere warm. Sophomore year I went home for a few days then back to school where my boyfriend (now husband) was working on his thesis. Junior year was spent in the Bahamas, sleeping in brightly colored cabins & working with kids on team building.Senior year were decided to do a real spring break & went to Miami. I managed to get an eye infection on the way down & was half blind the entire time. Naturally.

As an adult spring break has either meant grading papers or lounging on the couch.  I’ve actually reverted back to my “lame” breaks this year & am bringing the dog down to visit my parents.

So where once my spring break suitcases involved bikinis & little sundresses, I’m now packing this:


I have cute but comfortable dresses, shoes appropriate for walking or lounging, a bag large enough to hold a book, & a watch to make sure we’re on time to feed the dog (though the Kate Spade version is only in my imaginary suitcase).

While spring break used to mean parties & staying up late, the new version means sleeping in & getting some of that to do list done, in a leisurely fashion.

And while I wouldn’t mind being on a beach I have to say, I do like this new version!

While I’m away I have two great DC bloggers filling in for me  & another DC blogger answering The Ten on Friday. I’m pretty excited about my DC themed week!


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2 Responses to Monday Musings: Spring Break

  1. Have Fun!!! I’m wishing I could be on ANY kind of spring break right now

  2. Oh I wish I could have a spring break! And I wish I had this outfit to wear! So pretty!

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