Bath Woes

I love our 1939 house. It has charm. It has classic details. It has lovely wood floors that Abby likes to scratch up.

But it also has this:

Pretty much all homes in our area from the 30’s & 40’s  used this exact same tile, which means I have plenty of friends to commiserate with. Our tile is in pretty rough shape with a lot of chips, as is the toliet & tub.

The original plan was to completely gut the bathroom. Long story short, its going to cost a ridiculous amount of money due to the wall in the shower. And since we won’t be living in this house for decades its just not going to happen.

So I need to readjust my expectations for this room. While we’re working through this I figured I’d go to my trusty Pinterest to see what we could realistically do in our tiny space.

{And drool over the things that are impossible because you can’t fit 1 adult & the dog in there comfortably}


We need better storage, especially with the pedestal sink.

I’m kind of loving these open shelves instead of a medicine cabinet. Especially in such a small space this might open it up a bit?


I was originally thinking a light blue that was slightly lighter than our towel color. But then I saw this orange & I think it might give the room a bit more pop.

{The light blue towels & Pottery Barn shower curtain are staying, so not sure how a bright orange would look against these?}

Which do you like for a paint color? Or is there another I should consider?

I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about this fun process, so any input or suggestions would be appreciated!


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6 Responses to Bath Woes

  1. Nicol says:

    I feel your pain. Re-doing bathrooms are SO expensive! And it is such a nugget room you hate spending that kind of money when you could do something way more fabulous. It sounds like you have some great ideas. And I am loving your positive attitude. Can’t wait to see the final results!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So weird! I had that exact same bathroom when I lived in Arlington, down to the tile and black soap holders! Maybe you bought the house I used to rent with my girlfriends? ha ha!

    • I have two friends with the exact same tile too & they live on opposite sides of Arlington! I guess bathroom creativity was not a big thing back then?!

      That’s really funny you had the same one.

  3. So fun updating spaces like this! Love the light blue as it contrasts nicely with the black and white tile! Can’t wait to see progress! 🙂

  4. Ruth says:

    I like the idea of the color pop. My parents are trying to figure out what to do with theirs right now too

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