The Ten: Aspiring Kennedy

I’m excited to bring you this week’s Ten, Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy. She would be my answer to #5, as an American ex-pat living in London but spending the spring living in Paris (Uh, yes I would trade places with her!). Her blog is a favorite & one of the first ones I started to read that inspired me to start my own.

I love Elton John & Billy Joel. I want to party with them.

Sophie Kinsella, Jane Austen, or Ali McNamara are my cup of tea.

Right now, I can’t stop thinking about One Day. I’m not sure if it’s the tragically lovely plot, the gorgeous actors, or the dreamy UK setting… but either way, I love it.

Lady Mary Crawley. For her clothes, for her horse, for Matthew…… for so many reasons.

I’d take Sarah Tucker’s (Fairy Tales are True) legs, Megan Stern’s (Across the Pond) hilarious sense of humor, & Elizabeth Moyer’s (Pretty Pink Tulips) house.

It might be sad to say, but most vices I don’t even feel ashamed of! Kraft Mac & Cheese, Desperate Housewives, donuts…. but the most shocking is that I only wash my hair once a week…. & I don’t even wash it. I walk to a salon across from our street & pay 10 pounds to have it washed & conditioned. It’s so thick that I don’t need to do it more often.

I think about this all the time. Maybe Victorian England…. but only if I was fabulously wealthy. Otherwise- I’m happy with today.

Princess Diana… a bit pathetic, but I’m intrigued by her.

Roasted chicken, brussel sprouts, good salad, & sticky toffee pudding (I’m hungry just thinking about it!)

I wish I could be tidier, but alas- dirty laundry is my kryptonite.



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2 Responses to The Ten: Aspiring Kennedy

  1. I love aspiring kennedy so much. So jealous of her life!!

  2. Great Q&A! Love her blog – fun to see her answers!

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