An Egyptian Honeymoon: Part 2

We’re on the second part of my honeymoon today!

{And another great fashion statement from the new bride}

Our next stop was to Luxor, where the Valley of the Kings/Queens & multiple famous temples are located.

The temples of Karnak & Luxor are the biggest & most well known:


Luxor is split along the Nile. When it was originally called Thebes the people would live on the east side of the river & the west side was reserved for the dead. This is where the Kings & Queens were buried.

The Valley of the Kings has a number of tombs you can walk through but King Tut’s is the main draw.

Unfortunately they only let a small number of people in a day & you have to get there at like 5am. So that didn’t happen. But the tombs are pretty amazing with the ancient artwork on the walls.

The Valley of the Queens was slightly smaller & Queen Nefertiti had the same situation as Tut. Everything has been cleared from both tombs so its just the walls, so not sure much was missed.

The only people who lived on the west side were the builders of the tombs & their village is still intact. The rooms were tiny but it was amazing to walk  through their homes:

There were also full days of touring many of the temples & monuments throughout Luxor, but I’ll just share what my husband declared was my favorite: Horus.

{it is unfortunate I threw that hat away}

Lying at the pool each afternoon was necessary because it gets so hot by noon that you can no longer walk around the sites. And the phrase “but its a dry heat, right?” does not apply when the temps are 110 degrees or above!

We stopped through Luxor again on our way back to Cairo, where we got to experience this:

Very romantic, especially when one of the guys started to play music on his cell phone. Though the fact that 80’s music came blasting out was a bit of a shock!

Our hotel set up an outdoor movie screen for movies on the Nile every week. So clearly The Last Samurai was the logical movie to play!

{That would be the Nile over the railing}

Little bits of American cultural influence!

Our last stop will be up next week!


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2 Responses to An Egyptian Honeymoon: Part 2

  1. Ruth says:

    I have so enjoyed this. You should check out the Amelia Peabody series written by Elizabeth Peters. They are about a family of Egyptologists at the turn of the 1900s. A lot of the books take place round Luxor

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