Monday Musings

I had a bit of a crisis on Saturday morning.

Not only did I misplace my jelly bracelets but my hair crimper seems to have gone missing!

A very disappointing start to our quick overnight in Charlottesville, but I survived. We celebrated our friend’s 30th birthday by seeing our favorite coverband, the Legwarmers.

Besides being surrounded by UVA undergrads that made us feel old it was a great night & I’m still sore from dancing like a maniac.


Although the hair was not crimped I did get to wear those amazing earrings since the birthday girl had saved her 80’s earrings. The 8 year old in me was pretty jealous that I could only wear them for a night.

I’m back in normal clothes today but I can’t say I’m too happy about it.

What all did you guys do this weekend?


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2 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. Ah, those crazy nights out dancing. I don’t do that enough anymore, but that’s probably for the best. Looks like you had a great time, despite the hair crimper mystery.

    This weekend I went for a run, saw Steve Rannazzisi perform stand-up, and met up with some girlfriends for pedicures. All in all, a great weekend.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Oh how fun!!! This makes me miss college and date parties! Maybe I should host a dress-up party soon 🙂

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