The Ten: Lindsay Loves

We’ve got another DC blogger today-  Lindsay Loves!

Lindsay has great style & is definitely a girl after my own heart!


Usually any sort of of top 40 or house/techno… but give me a couple glasses of champagne and I will dance to anything. The band Green Day holds a special place in my heart though- I’ve seen them in concert about 15 times and something about their music makes me want to jump around. One of my best friends likes to call me whenever she hears them on the radio because she knows their music puts a smile on my face.

If its not some form of chic lit (yep, I’m a sucker for it) then its a novel by Dean Koontz. My dad got me hooked on him when I was in high school and I would literally read a book in a day and a half.

Easy: Love Actually. Hands down my favorite movie of all time

Well I think the obvious choice is Carrie Bradshaw- maybe minus a few of the bad relationships.

Blair of Atlantic-Pacific … her closet must be INSANE. And she lives in my favorite city in the United States… San Francisco. I’d even be able to have dinner with one of my best friends after work!

I literally like every single TV show on The CW. And I watch them all every week. I mean come on, I’m 29  years old and I still watch things like The Vampire Diaries religiously- awkward.

1920’s Paris a la Midnight in Paris would have been amazing. The music and the parties and the clothing…. Chanel, Lanvin, Poiret. To die for!

I’ve been cooking a lot recently so I’d like to have Julia Child. Maybe she’s not as historical exactly, but it’d be pretty awesome to have dinner with her… as long as SHE did the cooking of course!

Macaroni and cheese- the ultimate comfort food in my eyes.

I wish I could sing! In my mind I’ve got a great voice when I’m belting out Adele in my apartment but I’m pretty sure my dog, cat, and neighbors would disagree.



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  1. Oh! Midnight in Paris is such a great movie! Loved this post!

    Minted Magazine

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