An Egyptian Honeymoon: Part 1

This was going to be one post but as it kept going longer & longer I decided to split it into three. I figured I wanted to give Egypt its proper coverage!


Somehow my husband convinced me to ditch the normal, relaxing honeymoon on a beach & instead trek across desert & temples.

The history dork in me loved it, though the tired bride in me was thankful for afternoons napping by the pool!

And with all that has happened since I’m really glad that we got the chance to go because who knows when we would ever get to go.

We went to three cities, all along the Nile- Cairo, Luxor, & Aswan. Each is very different & gave us a different glimpse of Egypt.

Cairo was a bit overwhelming for me – very busy, very congested. We were in Egypt during Ramadan so it was pretty cool to see all the people flooding the streets after sundown.

We stayed at the Cairo Marriott Hotel, which was in an old palace:


Gorgeous! We had a delicious Egyptian meal on our first night, complete with the most amazing pita bread I’ve ever had to eat.

 I had lamb, the husband had …… pigeon.

We had limited time in Cairo but experienced the Khan el-Khalali market

and Muhammad Ali Mosque.


{Stylish look, right?}

One of the main draws of course is the short bus ride to :

The pyramids are more amazing than you can imagine- you’d think they’d lose some magic after seeing so many photos but not at all.

The night before our tour we went to a somewhat cheesy light show on the pyramids, but hey, when else are you going to see that?

The next day was spent seeing the pyramids in daylight, much more amazing close up:

{pale people must wear stupid looking hats}

The day of I managed to be hit with a stomach bug & nearly fainted by the Sphinx. As in started to sway & vision got blurry. So the day was a little rough to say the least!

We felt riding a camel was a necessity but due to my shaky health we opted to take a very short walk in a circle. What no one tells you is exactly how tall a camel is- you sit on it, he stands up & you think huh, just like riding a horse. Until you realize the camel is actually on its knees & suddenly you’re really far off the ground & think you’re not going to survive this.

Later that day we went to our next city but did come back to Cairo at the end of the trip to fly out. At that point we took some advice & visited the Egyptian Museum:

I’d hate to think how the museum looks right now, but in 2008 it was stocked full of priceless artifacts. Going at the end of the trip made them more significant because we had seen so many of the temples where they were originally from & had a better understanding of what we were looking at.

King Tut was the most impressive part but there was so much stuffed into these rooms it was unbelievable.


Cairo has a lot to offer but further south on the Nile is a more relaxed pace of life.

So next stop: Luxor!


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8 Responses to An Egyptian Honeymoon: Part 1

  1. Oh wow… awesome!!! A little more cool than my scenery in NOLA for our honeymoon! LOL No camel rides there:)

  2. jenny ly says:

    so jealous! i’ve always wanted to go to egypt!

    best wishes from


  3. Glitterista says:

    What a great honeymoon! Unique and fun and so memorable. I’d love to see the pyramids some day. . . 🙂

  4. I actually lived in Egypt for six months, and it was quite the experience. 🙂 Your honeymoon looks lovely, and it brings back so many memories!

  5. camelia says:

    Ohmygosh. That looks so insanely awesome! Fantastic honeymoon. Those chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous. And the pyramids looks amazing. So exciting!


  6. AH LOVE! I spent quite some time out there for school/research. Every little corner of Cairo is filled with so much history!

  7. Ruth says:

    I have been dreaming of a vacation in Egypt since i was in the 6th grade and first learned about the ancient Egyptians. I hope one day it will be realized

  8. lauren says:

    um… this is AWESOME. you are too cool for going to egypt for your honeymoon. we went to prague and i thought we broke the mold, but girl- YOU WIN. 🙂

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