Trend Report: Cobalt

I have a slight issue with the color blue.

See, I happen to like it a lot & most shades look good with my complexion. Which has resulted in a closet full of blue & white dresses. A lot of them.

Most of my blues are either navy or baby blue, so I’m loving the bright cobalts for spring. I can claim is a different shade so as not to feel ridiculous buying more blue!

My first purchase is this Old Navy maxi dress but I would love to wear any of these:

The shoes are clearly amazing & I love the subtle touches with either earrings or eye shadow. I am really loving the cobalt jeans though- a fun twist on a classic!

What colors are you gravitating towards for spring?



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5 Responses to Trend Report: Cobalt

  1. Loving this color! I can’t think of anything I have right now that is cobalt! I am going to have to change that!!

  2. Jess says:

    Ah, cobalt is such a beautiful color! I’m especially a fan of the shoes. I’m excited for the return of spring colors like white, pink, and kelly green. I’d also like to integrate more yellow and blue into my wardrobe.

  3. i’m gravitating towards the need to buy. new. clothes. loving the blue.

  4. meag says:

    cobalt is my color! love your blog!!

    xo the egg out west.

  5. Ruth says:

    I am the same about anything blue. My bestie & I went shopping one day last year and she banned me from purchasing anything blue.

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